Bindge Reading

November 12, 2013

Bindge Reading

Watching a TV series episode by episode, every week, is somehow unnatural. I don’t want to become a fan, hunt for a preview or get involved in weekly discussions about what will come next. For a me a series is just a better movie because the length of it allows for a better story to be told. The binge watching concept can apply to nooks too. Binge reading sounds good.

I didn’t have this problem with books until now. I remember, when I was a student, waiting for every book of the Dune series. With a few days before the Romanian publishing house was announcing a new book I was stalking the librarian next to the University every morning until I was getting the book first, even before he read it.

Yesterday I decided to indulge myself with some Steampunk and got from amazon Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina. It was a beautiful experience. It is a very well constructed story and I just loved it. I was about to by the next part from the series when I realized that I can’t just read the next one and wait.

I am in for some binge reading now! Therefore I will wait until the entire Magnificent Devices series is published and indulge myself in a few days of continuing reading.

What do you think about binge reading your favorite books?