Emanuel Grigoras

Emanuel Grigoras

What I Do

Founder and CEO – Asengana – writing and product management platform for authors

Asengana is an all-in-one writing and product management platform with all the productivity tools you need as a writer in order to plan, write and actually finish your novel.

  • Be more productive and unleash your creativity
  • Keep organized and track your writing progress
  • Develop better Characters, Locations and Outline
  • All-in-one creative writing app – from idea to eBook

Writing life

A few short-stories, a novel, and dozens of work-in-progress writing projects…

The first novel, Locul Potrivit (The Right Place) was published in Romania. A number of science fiction short stories as well as contemporary and historic fiction were published by Romanian publications: CPSF – The Science-Fiction Short Stories Collection ANTICIPATIA, Gazeta SF, Nautilus. One short story, A Good Man has won a honorable mention at the Writers of the Future contest.

Author’s page here. More coming soon…

Professional life

+15 years of product and project development

Senior Product Manager, Project Manager and Scrum Master with +15 years of experience leading multidisciplinary cross-functional project teams in fast-paced agile delivery environments. Implementation and development of digital transformation processes, interactive projects, software products, e-commerce or website development.
Deep knowledge and passion for product management applying DABL (Discovery, Alpha, Beta, and Live).
Experience with projects and products in various industries: public sector, retail, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, NGOs, investments funds, real estate, human resources, legal and financial services, publishing, education, software development, and more.

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Product and project management consultancy
Web / SaaS development services