What if Google will charge me for NOT seeing its ads?

Update to Benjamin Franklin’s “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” … except death, taxes, and Google AdWords.

As most people I developed a blind spot to ads in my browser. They are like the annoying presence of ruins on a piece of great digital real estate. I can only imagine how much better my reading and viewing experience will be without ads.

If I would be able to pay Google four dollars a month and to see no ads online from anybody, I would do it. If 250 million people will do the same, this will be the equivalent of the net income made by Google in 2015, around 12 billion dollars. I bet there are more than 500 million Gmail users. Getting all of them to pay 4$ a month will double Google net income and give us ads free internet.

You can consider this just a funny question… or not.