Marketers are beggars

Social Media, Writing
January 4, 2016

Some marketers are rich beggars some are poor beggars. The rich ones are better writers.
There was a Romanian movie made in 2002, Filantropica. One of the characters explains to a wannabe professional beggar the secret of the trade. It’s one of those sentences that you’ll remember a lifetime:

The outstretched hand that doesn’t tell a story gets nothing.

It’s all about a telling a story. Most of the online advertising it’s meaningless. I do love radio commercial because they tell a story. They create a framework and get you emotionally connected.
You know what else is meaningless? A like. A Facebook like means nothing. It’s a final act from a potential buyer that didn’t buy. He just gave a click and move on.

If your story is convincing, the potential buyer will share. He/she will endorse your product before buying. He/she will share with you the trust capital he gained from his connections and will also buy your product later to also strengthen the decision to share.

Is your Facebook post telling a story?  Are you going to be a rich marketer beggar or a poor one?