The only smart people in this world are my friends

The only smart people in this world are my friends. How’s this sound? Depending on your tendency to judge others sounds very bad … when someone else is saying it.
We all think this way because it is a way to validate our worth and our own intelligence. “Birds of a feather flock together, and I, because I’m smart, I only have smart friends.”

It is a narrow way of thinking, I agree. But what do you do when most people you meet are narrow-minded? They do not want to learn anything new and do nothing useful with what they already know. You try to avoid them, but sometimes they are the people that have power of decision about your future. I do not have an answer to this question …

The opposite happens sometimes. You meet special people, who in less than five minutes can show you that every second spent in their company is worth (it happened to me yesterday). I’ve always considered that an interview for a job should take maximum 5 minutes. Decision is made anyway based on what you feel in those moments. If you already like the person, why make him go through other 3-4 interviews with the HR recruiter, etc.? In any case, you will not take into account the other’s points of view because only your opinion counts.

How you relate to people that you like after you met them? You say they are your friends. And that initial statement becomes again the absolute truth: The only smart people in this world are my friends.