My life
January 1, 2014

I was asked if I believe in God. Of course that I asked for clarifications: do you want to know if I am a man of faith or if I go to church? None of my answers was sufficient. I think that the question was an introductory phrase to a monologue. I left him talking and went on my way.

I get up every morning happy to be alive for one more day and tell myself Happy Birthday. I bow to the Sun and say “Sun it’s not God”, because is just one of His manifestations. Some might say that man is the most special manifestation of God… I have my doubts.

After this I go on with my day and the hard work of living according to Hagakure:

“Man’s life is short. You must live while doing what you want to do. It is stupid to live disagreeably, doing things you don’t like. But this idea is a secret that I’ve never been able to speak to young people  for fear that they would distort it, not having understood it properly.”