Uber must die

December 9, 2015

Uber must die is just as a stupid idea as it sounds.

Today the taxi drivers of Toronto protested against Uber. A lot of hate directed towards the wrong party. It’s the same with man spreading or reclining your seat in an airplane. People get angry on each other instead of noticing that the transport companies make the seats in the subway or the plane too small.

The same with Uber. Soon the taxi drivers in Toronto will ask you what you think about Uber, when your unlucky enough to call one of them, and will throw you out as soon as you say it’s a good idea.

The taxi driver should be angry on the taxes imposed by the City Hall and the special deal the insurance companies have. They are the ones that inflate prices and really just rob them blind. But no, take the easy way. It’s easy to do this. Get angry on Uber drivers; get angry on clients that want better service, lower prices and newer cars.

What if a local entrepreneur will create his own Uber type company for just a city?

What if all the taxi drivers will quit and go to Uber?

What if the government will understand that it needs to move its fat-from-taxes-bureaucratic-behind and adapt faster?