When you have success as a self-published author, you are ready to outsource

November 30, 2015

Success as a self-published author means that…

you sell books and you have at least a small group of readers that share the good news. You should think about outsourcing some of the work you do in order to gain more time for writing.

The classic publishing industry is not dead… yet. To treat with disdain is unproductive.The business of publishing was focused on two main directions: book production and book selling.

The monopoly over book production, created with hard work over many years, is dissipating. Anybody can self-publish an eBook or use POD (print-on-demand) services. What publishing houses are still very good at is book selling. They have an entire ecosystem from partnership with book stores to access at New York Times bestsellers list. They have editors, proofreaders and so on that really know their business and, sad but true, are better at analyzing and improving your work than you are.

If you get an offer don’t dismiss it lightly. Think at the publishing house as a tool that can offer you a different reach. You need more time to write and you need to outsource some of the hard work of selling your books.

What you don’t outsource is your readers community created using social media.

No publishing house can replace you in front of your readers. Your fans will be glad that you make more money and they will buy your books because they know that in this way you will have more time to write. As soon as a different voice replaces yours that will turn a deaf ear and they will forget you.