Live like you were dying!

My life
December 29, 2011

Advice on how to get over today is so often met that it has become just some noise in the background. The experiences you live through should give the measure of what you are, provided that you really learn something from them. Often I identify in the dreams of others parts of my dreams and I work unconditionally to transform them into reality. Consciously or not, we all do that as an employee of someone else or of ourselves.

What happens to our personal life? It is always second. Not in how we talk. All we do is praise the balance we achieved between personal and professional life. In reality, we leave for the office at 8 and get back to 7-8 tired and call this life.

With whom would you like to be today?



Moments that make a difference and that should teach me something are moments in which my life is difficult: after clinical death in a car accident, when you find out that your mother has cancer, when you stay one month in an MBA without knowing if your scholarship is approved because without it you should go home and start everything from scratch, when you finish a project that you worked for two years and you have to move on if you want to do project management, etc.

In all these moments I felt alive. It was not an experience like “this is the first day of the rest of your life”. It was an experience like “living like there is no tomorrow”. In those moments, I stopped to smell a flower, look in the eyes of those around me and smile.

That is what I should also do now. And I should use experiences that were gathered. I am redefining my priorities.
I wake up smiling. The first words the woman next to me hears are: I love you. I go to office convinced that I can understand the sense of things that happen there and give them only the importance they should have in my life.

When I leave the office I may be tired and upset about some things, but I shake them from my mind and think about what’s next: a book that I read, to make love. It’s like I forgive those who did me wrong in nine hours at the office. I don’t do it for them. I do it for me, so I feel good and not live in the past.

Wait just a few moments and think about what you would do if you knew you will die tomorrow. With whom would you like to be today? How important are things that you just talked about in the last two hours? How about calling your mother which you have not spoken in a week?

Live like you were dying!