Girl up, son!

My life, The Journal of an Uber Driver
August 25, 2017

Girl up, son!


This is my last day of the Uber experiment. I set my destination towards my son’s school. It’s time to pick him up. Let’s see if I get a last passenger in this direction.

I did. It’s the mother of on my son’s colleagues. We’re definitely going in the same direction. And we’re both a little late. I park in the front of the school and we go towards the courtyard because the kids must be outside by now. As it often happens, he just fell and added a new scratch on top of the others on his knee. He’s crying:

“Daddy, I hurt my knee.”

“It’s OK. Girl up, son!”

The mother turned back towards me and asked:

“Did you just said to your son to girl up?”

“Yes.” The silence required an explanation. “We live in a world where women are not treated equal. It started in the church and the household. This inhuman behavior was perpetuated by men in the workplace. Despite all this, the women thrived and are gaining their rightful place in moving the human kind forward. So, yes, I want my son to stop crying and move on, make things happen just like a girl does.”

She waved her hand in an indescribable manner and turned without a word. Though, I think a saw a tear glimmering in the corner of her eye.