Why Apple should give Mac OS X Leopard for free

June 7, 2009
Later edit: Four years later, it happened: https://www.apple.com/pr/library/2013/10/23OS-X-Mavericks-Available-Today-Free-from-the-Mac-App-Store.html

iPod and iPhone are the products that allowed the Apple computers to take a piggyback ride to increased sales.
Apple has the highest brand and customer loyalty of any computer manufacturer. Last year Apple had become the third-largest mobile handset supplier in the world.
All this is true, only that according to Apple Inc.’s financial statements, the sales of computers are decreasing.

Why should Apple give Mac OS X Leopard for free? Because:

  • Apple computers need now more than design to sell. From my point of view, there is no other major difference. I can get a nice design from Sony too.
  • I am not an Apple fan, but I am one of those that see Windows operating system as a monopoly. I hate the fact that my only choice is Windows.

If Apple will decide to give Mac OS X Leopard for free and with the possibility to play all the PC games on it, I swear that my next computer will be an Apple and I will convince all my friends to buy one.
The sentiment of freedom that I will get from a free operating system will nurture my loyalty towards Apple products.
But, of course, because Google is smarter, we might get a third OS that will be free.