The Baroness’s Heart
Series: The Right Place, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction
Tags: Fiction, Recommended Books, The Right Place
Publisher: Emanuel Grigoras
Publication Year: 2013
What I always remember with great pleasure and what has made me put this story on paper are those moments late in the evening, when, through the door left ajar, I used to watch the grown-ups sitting around the table, drinking wine and evoking memories. In those moments, looking in grandma Safta’s eyes, behind the smile and the conversation, somewhere deep and far away I could see the city lights.
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About the Book

The Baroness’s Heart is based on the more or less true life story of the author’s grandparents.

The barons, people with material wealth, but with impoverished soul by the baroness being unable to have children, adopt Safta.
Throughout the story, Safta grow-up and transforms from the poor girl who dreamed of the city lights and tumultuous urban life a young lady living the dream. Destiny makes her fall in love with Peter, give up the life offered by her adoptive parents and follow a man until the end of her life.

You live differently the way war affects people and become a part of a love story. There is war, social structures that disappear and there are people who lived in those times.
Of these people, some have followed their dreams by building a life just as they wanted it, ignoring history.


Readers reviews:

I really enjoyed this story. By reading it you can tell that writing it was a labor of love for the author. At its heart this is a story of desire leading to love. The Baroness’s desire for a child, the Baron’s desire for the Baroness and to finally see her happy and the desire of Peter and Safta to be together.
This was a fast read with enough suspense and mystery in the story to keep you reading. You care about the characters and you want to know what happens to them. It’s prose yet it read like poetry in some places. The scenes in the story are written like quick moments that leave you wanting to know more. Recommended read! – S. Gallardo

If you can’t define a single moment of your life as being, simply, a story, it’s time to do it. It’s time to relive the childhood selfishness and learn lessons from the 6 years old kids we were. – Vera R

… in another world and another form, with metaphors and warm words, with images and phrases beautifully described hiding between the lines and beyond the obvious subject of the story … – Teo Maftei

All the time I read this I had the impression that I was sitting next to my grandmother while she was telling me a fairytale. Everything flowed very easy and very natural. Towards the end I had the impression that the narrator is quick to finish, or maybe the whole purpose of the story was to tell us about Stefan. I will read The Right Place to see how the story of his grandfather influences the actions of Stefan in the future.
I liked that it describes data and real events, which makes me even more I wonder if all the events here are memories and not fiction, and if they are memories I would like to I know the author or the one who heard them and pass them along. – Mihaela M

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