Tiramisu Artisane – recipe

I love tiramisu. I’ve eaten tiramisu in different forms, in restaurants with different themes in different countries. Each version of the recipe I liked for one reason or another. I never tried to make tiramisu until now because I perceived it as difficult. I think a cake is good because of components as much as for the love that goes in the cooking.

Good Omens – good book

In time I developed a particular sense for books. I look at a book, I feel a need to look left and right, to be sure no one else saw her, and I reach to take her. I know that she (one of the best things about my native language is that all books are a she and not an “it”) will give me access to a new universe where I will laugh, I will cry and that will satisfy my hunger for a while.

Live like you were dying!

Wait just a few moments and think about what you would do if you knew you will die tomorrow. Who would you like to spend today? How important are things that you just talked about in the last two hours? How about calling your mother which you have not spoken in a week?

BranchOut vs. LinkedIn vs. BeKnown

For the individual client there is nothing more they can offer. It should focus more on corporate clients and build ecosystems. Implementing collaborative tools, from project management to knowledge management, will position LinkedIn as a supplier of corporate working environments that could incorporate the entire value chain of a company.
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