SCRUM and life

Definition of a project, regardless of the source (PMBOK, Agile, etc.) revolves around the idea that an activity that takes place for in a certain period of time creates a tangible result.
If you look at every day of your life … don’t you wish all your actions which you start with a purpose to have the desired result as quickly as possible!?

Autonomous. Autenthic.

Autonomous. Authentic. These words remain in my head from a discussion I had with a friend last night. I kept thinking of them this morning, before I got out of bed, trying to understand their importance. In conversations with friends, thoughts put on paper for my next book or ideas I got from other people, I returned to the same issue: slavery.

Tiramisu Artisane – recipe

I love tiramisu. I’ve eaten tiramisu in different forms, in restaurants with different themes in different countries. Each version of the recipe I liked for one reason or another. I never tried to make tiramisu until now because I perceived it as difficult. I think a cake is good because of components as much as for the love that goes in the cooking.